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Eliminate Flying Insects Now!
From two stalls to two hundred,
Flyfree Naturally can supply you with the automatic spray system you need to keep your barn fly-free.Our systems are made of high quality components that have proven themselves to be rugged and reliable through years of day-in and day-out fly killing.

Equally effective in enclosed or open buildings

The systems are completely automatic. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week the control unit activates the high pressure hydraulic system at intervals set by you...you decide the length of time between spray cycles and the duration of each spray.

The spray delivery system features

  • All Brass pump and pressure fittings
  • Filters in suction line and every nozzle assembly
  • High density poly drum and top
  • manual operation switch
  • high pressure nylon tubing
  • plugs into general duty electrical outlet
  • Float-activated shut-off turns system off when drum is empty
  • High pressure spray nozzle
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Built-in no-drip valve
    • Active stop prevents spewing and waste

System Dimensions

30 gallon system:
48" high X 22" diameter
55 gallon system:
56" high X 26" diameter
Overseas electrical systems available.

Once a system is installed in your barn you will notice a dramatic difference in flies but probably won't notice the system itself. The spray nozzles and tubing become almost invisible in a quality installation and only the sight of the spray itself will reveal the presence of your fly fighting partner.

Our most popular systems have a 120 volt, 1/3h.p. motor matched with a rugged brass rotary vane pump. Spray activation is determined by you when you set the 24-hour time clock. Each hour is broken into four incremental tabs that pull out away from the center of the dial. Typically users pull out one tab every two hours during the day - more or less depending on your fly problem.


The spray nozzles contain a finely machined valve that works day in and day out to spray your premises with a fine mist. They are designed to open and close instantly so there are no annoying drips or splatters.

All systems are U.L. listed


The three most often heard comments after a new fly spray system installation

  • I have no flies in my barn, what can you do for my house?
  • I should have done this years ago
  • I didn't know how well it really worked




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